The Real Story Behind What We Know Today as "Whiskey Stones"

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In 2018, the whiskey industry brought in an astounding $59 billion globally.

That number is only expected to rise, with experts predicting a 5% increase between now and 2025. The number they anticipate to see is no small thing—$84 billion.

Why the increase in popularity?

This timeless beverage has always been a consumer favorite, but thanks to increased production rates, a rise in purchasing power, emerging middle-class consumption, and a reduction in import policies, it's only becoming a larger trend.

Whiskey connoisseurs know a little something that new drinkers might not—that whiskey stones are a fantastic way to enjoy your beverage, a method that's almost as classic as the whiskey itself. But what are whiskey stones, exactly? Where did they originate from, and why are we still using them today?

Keep reading to find out!

What Are Whiskey Stones?

No, they're not stones made out of whiskey (someone invented that already!).

Rather, whiskey stones are little ice-sized stones meant to be stand-ins for ice cubes themselves. They're typically made of exquisite rocks, such as smooth granite, and can come as squares or with rounded edges. 

Why would someone use whiskey stones instead of, well, ice?

Chill these babies in the freezer overnight, and you'll enjoy all the benefits of ice—i.e., cooling down and smoothing out your drink—minus the dilution that happens as the ice melts and water mixes with your whiskey, altering its taste.

These stones are especially great for those who like chilled whiskey without the dilution of water. Those ice spheres that come in your drink at fancy speakeasies sure do look great, but if you don't drink your cocktail quickly enough, its flavor profile changes in an obvious way. This alteration is okay for some, but for connoisseurs, not so much.

Stones made from pure, natural material, such as granite, can keep your tasting experience authentic without dumbing down your whiskey intake. Simply pop two stones into your glass and enjoy your favorite alcohol flavor (with no need to rush—slow down and savor each sip).

Where Did the Idea of Whiskey Stones Come From?

While recent trends may suggest that whiskey stones are a modern thing, they actually date back to the 20th century. Their origin story comes from where else but Scotland—a notable whiskey-making nation.

Rumor from travelers during that time has it that Scots wanted to chill their whiskey drinks without diluting the product. In a pinch, without ice, they reached their hands into the coolness of the rivers and came up with these river stones, which they'd then pop into their glasses.

From there, a beautiful invention was born.

Sip and Enjoy

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