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The Original Rocks
Orderchamp B.V.

Great quality!

Love the size and style.


Gifted to my whiskey-loving brother for Christmas and he was thrilled! He was as excited about the box it came in as he was the gift set! I can sincerely say, that in all the years I've been gifting my brother (he's 50), this is the happiest I've seen him. Very distinguished and classy gift for your whiskey lover!!!

Elegant Gift

I sent the Connoisseur’s Gift Set to my whiskey drinking friend. A truly delighted friend! I think it is a unique gift to send to someone who enjoys a good whiskey.

Great Gift and good quality.

Ich hab die Gläser für mich und meinen Bruder gekauft. Wir trinken so gerne aus diesen Gläsern! Unsere Freunde sind auch begeistert. Am besten finde Ich, dass das Unternehmen auf die Umwelt achtet. Deswegen bezahle Ich auch gerne mehr

The Whiskey Decanter Gift Set
Zach Martin
Great gift!

Hefty and well-crafted, this set was a delight to check out. The whiskey stones were in great condition and worked great with just a bit of time in the freezer, and the torch and smoking kit worked great. Imparted great flavor and was very easy to use. Got another one as a gift for my brother, and he loves it as well!

The Original Rocks
William Penn
Perfect temperature

I bought this set to chill Bourbon to the perfect temperature. These stones are the perfect thing to add to get that chilled faste

Estan bien son diferentes

The Original Rocks
Tony Bushong

Great quality

Glasses were very nice as was the box them came in

We purchased these glasses as part of a auction basket

Great Gift

Great gift

Nice product and great customer service

The product is really nice and the stones look and work great. The customer service was great too.

The Original Rocks
reviewer's name
Not supposed to replace ice.

These are perfect... they are just the right size to *cool* 3oz of burbon to about 60 degrees F and hold it for a while.

For everyone leaving negative reviews, do some research. These are not supposed to make your drink ice cold. If you chill a good bourbon or whiskey below the evaporation point, you lose out on flavor and aroma. If that's what you like, then great, but don't expect these stones to make your drink as cold as ice does. They won't, and that's not what they're for.

For those that want to cool your whiskey a bit, these are great. No flavor changes detected. Only thing I would change is the tray is a bit unruly in the freezer. A cover of some sort would be a great addition.

Super geschenk toller Stil

I love them!

I just got them today and couldn’t wait for the weekend to use them. I had a cocktail drink with cognac and loved it. It looked very elegant!

The Whiskey Decanter Gift Set
Jim Smith

Love it good quality well worth it

The Original Rocks
Perfect size for whiskey glass

Chills quickly, tray is very useful for keeping them organized.

The Original Rocks
Chris Offord

Got these for my dad an avid whisky drinker! He’d never heard of them and always used ice! He is now enjoying a whisky, undiluted and now appreciating a whole new range of flavours in his old favourites.

Great gift

Boyfriend loves showing them off to friends. Great gift!

Bought them as a Christmas gift for my boyfriend and he loved them. The box they them come in is very nice and elegant. Would recommend.

Beautiful & sturdy

These rocks glasses were purchased as a gift for my son. He loves the cut crystal and unique shape of the bottom as well as the thick glass on the bottom.

The Whiskey Decanter Gift Set
Daniel Postranecky

I have been using it a lot. Fair price an lovely gift as the box looks prestige! 👌

The Whiskey Decanter Gift Set

It's basically the perfect gift for any occasion, but especially for someone who loves whiskey.

It comes in a gorgeous gift box with proper cushioning. The glass pieces are all hand-blown and look like they were made by artisans from centuries ago.

The whiskey stones are really cool, they're granite, so they keep your drink cold for hours without melting away or diluting the liquor. They're also great for chilling wine or soda water! You can just put them in a glass of ice water while you're getting ready for your event and then pop them in your cocktail when you're ready to drink it.

You can't go wrong with this set. It's beautiful, functional, and useful!