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As expected - Great

Awesome gift for my husbands birthday! Set comes in a very nice gift box. Excited to use them in July. Very reasonable price as well, would definitely recommend these!

Great Gift

I bought this for my husbands birthday and he loved it! 5 stars


There is nothing on website about the FREE GIFT

The Perfect Gift

The presentation and craftsmanship of this set makes it the perfect gift for someone who appreciates the finer accessories that accompany mixology.

The Original Rocks
Cortney paige smith
Faith good faith


The Original Rocks
Brian Howard
Revised review

This replaces my 1 star review.
After establishing that replies to my original email complaints were undelivered Quentin established contact and was very helpful.
Matter resolved to everyone's satisfaction and I will try the stones this evening. Bound to be an improvement over ice as even one ice
cube is too much for most single malts

Amazing, bought two.

Bought two sets. Would do it again. Amazing!

Crystal Nosing Gift

Ordered the Crystal Nosing Set for my husband for Father’s Day & he was very impressed with the gift as I was as well very well put together I will be ordering again because I was very happy with the the Nosing Set.

Wonderful glasses

Really beautiful glasses with a very nice shape and a perfect weight. The crystal is thick and clear, very good quality.


Arrived very fast and the product is awesome!

Stone with glass

This is a beautiful whisky stone set. Which a beautiful gift set. Its perfect for Xmas gift. It's in beautiful bag and its cover is more beautiful.

Excellent gift set!

Well made, came in a super beautiful box and it is super qualitative.Easy to clean and great value for money!I would definitely recommend it!

Ideal Present

Purchased this item as a present for my brother in-law. While he is not hard core whiskey drinker, he enjoys good drink now and then.When it arrived, swiftly and well packaged as other amazon orders (I do however wish the outer box was smaller to match the content and save our planet, while recycled it must consume precious space in the warehouse and the delivery van.) I did opened it to check it out and I must say, quality of the stones is expectational. I do have few other whiskey stones and they are not as smooth as these.I'm very surprised with the quality and so was my brother in-law. He loves it, having cold drink without the worry of being diluted by melting ice.

Very giftable, Great for Whiskey Drinkers

I picked this up for my brothers birthday because I know that he likes whisky and scotch. He mentioned to me before about ice cubes and trying to keep the drink perfect despite the ice cubes melting so I thought this was the perfect gift for him. I gave it to him and he has been enjoying it, he thinks that the rocks are very cool because they don't melt and ruin his drinks!Comes in a super nice case that holds everything when not in use! If he has problems with it I am sure i will hear about it and will report it back here. Right now we are both satisfied!

Beautiful cut-glass crystal whisky glasses and chilling stones - great gift set

This is a great gift for someone. It arrives in some lovely packaging: a solid feeling box with a gold on black design. The box does give this the impression of being a premium product.For me, the centre piece is actually the two beautifully-cut whiskey glasses. These look elegant, with a traditional ‘Palm’ design around the sides. They are relatively thick and heavy, feeling great in the hand. They are clearly high quality.As someone who is not a big whiskey drinker (nor other sprits) the whiskey stones are nice enough. They will not chill your drinks as well as ice, but they will not dilute your drinks either, which many whiskey drinkers will appreciate. I find that sometimes 2 or 3 are needed to achieve the chilling effect I’m looking for. They are also easier than ice cubes—no need to pour water in a mould, and then crack the ice out when you want it—just place these stones in the tray, in a freezer, then take them out when you need them. This comes with six of varying colours, as well as a wooden tray to place them in.

Great gift

A really lovely set and would make a fantastic present for a whiskey lover. Looks really impressive too as it comes nicely packaged

An elegant and suave set

I do love a chocolate orange whiskey every now and then and this looked like it would take it up a notch in terms of presentation. The box it comes in is elegant and suave. Even when opened up the presentation with the gold makes this a lovely gift for someone. I did notice an odd smell coming from it as soon as I opened the lid and the glasses smelled too, but with a wash and some airing, it will be fine. The glasses are a good thickness and I like the design, but for a set like this, I would expect the glasses to be clean and clear. There's bits in them with specks of dust, probably from production. The rocks are smooth and fit perfectly into their holder, taking up a lot less space than having to keep the whole box. They fit well into the bottom of the glasses too, taking up very little space. Overall, I'm pleased with the set. I often avoid having ice because I don't like my drinks diluted and therefore this is a much better option.

Well presented

This would make a great gift, especially due to it's presentation. The glasses are nice, maybe not the best crystal but again, well presented. The stones are really attractive and do the job without watering down the spirit.

A stunning set....perfect

If your a whiskey drinker I would imaging getting this set would be a lovely present.....Before even opening the box....the box it comes in is black with gold writing and trim...well made and solid...Then you open the lid and there you will fond two whiskey glasses....6 granite whiskey rocks and a rock tray....Very well designed and presented....Place rocks on tray put in freezer over night and then to your whiskey drink....Cold whiskey without getting watered down...Great price and would recommend.....If this review helps pls click on helpful....many thanks

Absolutely beautiful!!

This classy whiskey glasses and chilling stones set come beautifully presented in a black box making it a perfect gift. I gave to my Dad and he loved it. I totally recommend it especially to the whiskey connoisseur!

Superb gift set for those that like a wee dram

Do you know someone who likes to partake in a nice wee dram every once in a while? If so, then this is for you. Being Scottish I enjoy a good single malt Glenmorangie 18 year old or a No. 10. I prefer single malts to blended and generally like 12 years aged and over.Some people like their whisky on the rocks, which is OK if its a blended whisky. If you have a good single malt you really want to just sip it, not put ice in it and dilute it, take your time and savor the taste. The ROCKS gift set is absolutely perfect for this and for every whisky drinker out there.In lovely packaged, wooden gift box which is lined with high quality fabric you will find two led free, crystal whisky glasses, six very smooth stones and a nice inlaid wooden presentation/storage tray on which to place your rocks. First you put the rocks in the freezer to chill them, then simply place one in your glass and pour your favorite tipple over it. Since its not ice, it won't dilute your drink but the rock will keep the temperature down and your drink nicely chilled long enough that you can just sit back, relax and enjoy it.The led free crystal glasses are nice and thick with a good weight to them, just what you want.A very good and novel idea which is beautifully presented. A superb gift for any whisky drinker.

Looks premium and perfect gift!

Stones and glasses comes in a luxurious dark color wood box.Round stones are made out of granite light and dark grey color. Best part is stones are naturally cold so chilling them makes it even better. Keep it in a freezer for 15 mins in a tray and it will last for 3 hours minimum. The glasses are slightly thick and well designed, extremely comfortable to use and give off a shine when washed or being used. I'm really impressed with the quality of the glasses.These eco friendly stones keep a drink taste at its original flavor without diminishing it. I personally £37 is a fair price for giving you are paying for this original granite stones in a premium packaging.

Quality Whiskey Gift Set!

For someone who enjoys the odd whiskey, I was really happy to receive this. Firstly this is an amazing looking set, from its outside presentation, to what you receive in the box. It is premium quality and would be a great idea for a gift. The presentation box looks amazing in black with gold writing, you receive two personal thank you cards from the company, which I always think is a nice touch. The layout of everything looks fantastic which is great too. You receive six granite rocks which should be washed first and then you put then in the wooden storage box to freeze. The glasses themselves have a nice vintage look to them and look very elegant.This is an amazing gift set for any whiskey drinker!

fantastic gift for whiskey lover

This set exceed all my expectation. It came in beautiful gift box made with sturdy cardboard with lid.Two crystal cocktail glasses looks very elegant and posh. They are easy to clean and suitable for dishwasher.With this gift set also comes 6 chilling stones which ware for me absolutely new experience and I love them. They look super classy and are much better than ice cubes because it chills drink without adding extra water from melted ice cubes to your drink.

A Bit Over Priced, But Nice

The gift box is nice (think Apple iPad) type carboard. The foam holders inside are nice and keep everything very well protected in shipping. The crystal glasses look nice and are high quality. The whiskey stones look good and feel nice It is a plus that they come with a small wooden rack for keeping them secure in the freezer. I like that the stones don't water down your drink, but they don't hold the cold very long either - keeps your drip cold for about 35 mins in a humid climate. Longer in a dry climate.