What Are Whiskey Stones and What Makes Them So Trendy?

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So you've heard the story before: a businessman, a teacher, and a musician are invited to their friend's house for their fantasy football draft night.

Events go accordingly, and the host has ordered food and drinks for everyone. The guys are having fun just being guys. Then after the business of football is done, they all decide to share a drink of a vintage whiskey.

But the men notice something's different. Their friend hands them glasses with rocks in it. They look puzzled and ask him what they are.

Their friend responds, "They're called Whiskey Stones." 

"What are Whiskey Stones?"

If you're like them, then chances are this is for you too. Grab a glass and find out more about the new fad of putting chiseled rocks in the glass of your favorite whiskey.

So What Are Whiskey Stones Anyway?

Many whiskey enthusiasts accept that the ideal temperature to drink whiskey is between 15 to 18 degrees Celsius (59-65 degrees Fahrenheit), and it is best to store whiskey at room temperature.

However, the use of ice helps to chill the spirit to the temperature that the drinker prefers. The issue here is when you put ice in your drink, it attracts the heat to the ice and causes it to melt.

Although it effectively chills your drink, you may have a problem with the ice melting, diluting, and altering the flavor of your aged whiskey.

So insert Whiskey Stones, literally chilled rocks that take the place of ice. 

What They Are Made Of and How To Use Whiskey Stones

Whiskey stones traditionally have been made of soapstone, hence the name. Because soapstone is a soft metamorphic rock, it makes it easy to chisel and it does not add any other negative flavors to your drink because it is also a nonporous rock.

Recently, they have been made of several other materials as well, namely granite (a type of igneous rock that is also nonporous) and stainless steel.

In order for you to use them properly, you must chill them for about four hours before usage. Then when you are ready, place them in the glass and pour your favorite whiskey.

They do not melt, thus the whiskey stones make for a more sustained chill to your drink. But this is both a good positive and mild negative. Because no real ice or water involved, the drink must sit for a few minutes for the chill to circulate in the drink. 

Many people prefer R.O.C.K.S chilling stones as the best option for several reasons: their unique round shape, as opposed to the classical cube, helps to chill your drink, each set comes with different stone colors which give a better aesthetic to the image of your glass, and their beautiful sets easily make them the best gifts for your fellow enthusiasts.

Why Should I Have Some?

Well, if you are a true Whiskey enthusiast these are what you need to give yourself that expert look; they add an image of refinement to the drink.

And because they are made of stone (or steel) they are virtually useful for life. So unless you want ice, you would never need them again if you had Whiskey Stones, they are certainly worth the investment.

Get Yourself Some Whiskey Stones

Now back to the story; the businessman, the teacher, and the musician who are all whiskey lovers themselves ask their friend the question of what are whiskey stones.

Their friend tells them all about the benefits of owning a few of those little drink stones. They are so intrigued when they leave his house that very same night they decide to buy whiskey stones for their houses too. Being part of a new trend is always exciting when you feel like you are the first to hop on the bandwagon.

Do yourself a favor and get some of these whiskey rocks, you will be glad you did.

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