How to drink whiskey with chilling stones?

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You may ask yourself, what are these granite stones for and why would you want to drink whiskey with rocks in your glass or even where does this tradition originate from? You are right to wonder! 

A very unique and a quite original to say the least approach to tasting quality whiskey indeed! Back in the 20th century, scots were using cold river stones to cool down their whiskey as well as to keep it at a perfect tasting temperature. Scotland is where this tradition first originated from stories of travelers mostly. This then led to whiskey connoisseur's to follow similar practice in order to preserve aromas of the whiskey instead of using ice cubes that would otherwise dilute the whiskey with water, potentially impacting the quality of the whiskey tasting experience.

Granite is a very solid type of rock that preserves the cold extremely well which is why we choose the highest quality of granite to deliver a unique experience where by freezing natural stones, you can experience a whiskey tasting that promises to be unique and that will keep your whisky at the perfect temperature for tasting purposes. Using whiskey stones is fairly easy, simply wash them before freezing them overnight and you can add one or two rocks to your drink the next day!

The whiskey stones will keep the drink at a cooler temperature for longer without diluting your drink however it's aim is not to cool down a drink aggressively the same way ice cubes would. The next time you will taste a quality whiskey, make sure to try using our stones and compare with ice cubes to see the difference in taste and aromas! 

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