Why Choose ROCKS Whiskey Stones?

Handcrafted Granite

Most whiskey stones on the market are soap or basalt stones, but not us! We polish high quality granite to shape this unique & beautiful piece of rock. Crafted with love for the whiskey connoisseur.

Remarkable Gift Sets

We don't cut corners. All our gift sets are built high end, look and feel premium for a stunning first impression. We don't do cheap, instead we offer a guaranteed "wow" effect and believe in quality.

Simply The Best

Awarded, loved and backed by many industry experts and tasting amateurs, our ROCKS are unrivalled & aesthetically a gift superstar your loved ones will adore! Try us with lifetime warranty.

Unmatched Style

We strongly believe it's not only about stones, it's the overall tasting experience that we craft and deliver in the best possible way. Whiskey enthusiasts will recognise this effort.

        MAKE EACH DRINK                                                                         UNIQUE & PRECIOUS.

Our Happiness Guarantee