Product Questions

What size are the whiskey stones? 

The dimension for each rock is 35mm in diameter (1.4") and 20mm in thickness (0.8").  

How would you recommend washing them?

For first time prior to using our stones, use simple kitchen soap and rinse with water multiple times until the surface is clean. For daily use, rinsing with warm water will be enough! 

Can the whiskey stones be left in the freezer or do they need to be stored elsewhere?

You can leave the whiskey stones in their hardwood tray support in the freezer, not a problem at all! Granite stone is extremely resistant.

Do you place the stones in the glass so that it lays flat on the bottom or standing? Would they roll in the glass?

The whiskey stones are usually placed flat in your whiskey glass, they shouldn't roll. We have slightly larger stones than other brands on the market which helps and ensures better cooling. We recommend you put 2 in a glass. Enjoy! 

How big are the glasses in your gift set? 

Our whiskey glasses are about 6.7Oz or 200ml, large enough to add a few whiskey stones and the perfect tasting size.

Shipping Questions

Do you offer free shipping? 

Yes we do! On all USA domestic orders, in the UK, Germany, France, Italy & Spain. 

What shipping method do you offer?

All our products are delivered to you within 3-5 business days. We thrive to offer the fastest shipping and delivery service. You also have the option to choose faster shipping methods if you wish for a small extra fee! 

Do you ship internationally? 

Unfortunately, not yet. However, you can find R.O.C.K.S. on Amazon in the USA and UK/Europe and ship internationally by ordering through the Amazon platform.