The Whiskey Lover's Secret

The House

ROCKS is the leading & premium choice for whiskey stones in the world, bringing you unmatched quality granite for those who appreciate the full spectrum of whiskey enjoyment. Our commitment to creating exceptional products has lead us to be recognised for our amazing unboxing experience making our brand the finest one to celebrate a special occasion. As we thrive to deliver a one of a kind experience with authenticity at its core, we seek to merge tradition and craftsmanship with contemporary minimalist design. Each gift set tells a different & special story that embodies excellence. Tailored for the whiskey connoisseur, discover the art of being unique.


Our Difference

Handcrafted Granite

Impeccable whiskey stones made of beautiful granite rock in multiple distinctive colors and textures for a memorable whiskey tasting journey.

Unmatched Gift Sets

Unrivalled & famous for our gold foil boxes, our gift sets are each unique in design and craft. With no shortcuts taken, we promise a stunning experience your loved one will adore.

The Original

Backed & loved by thousands, ROCKS lets you rediscover your favorite whiskies with elegance. Upgrade your barware in the finest way and find out what makes us so special.

Elevate Your Whiskey Drinking Experience


For The Connoisseur

The first eco-crystal glass produced sustainably with respect for the environment. Based in Europe, our crystal glass production facility is emission free, and uses renewable energy (geothermal, biomass & solar power) to create 100% recyclable glassware. The result is an exceptionally high quality crystal glass & a commitment to conscious luxury.

Not all crystal is the same because its quality, color, and brilliance strongly depend on the composition and proportioning of quality & clean raw materials. Equally important, the associated production process, all of which are traditionally kept a secret to protect the formulae. We use the world's most responsible crystal to create exquisite whiskey glasses.

Discover our Eco-Crystal Collection to elevate your whiskey tasting experience as you are holding centuries of craftsmanship in your hands.

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